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Welcome to Easy Low Fat Recipes – Your resource for Low Fat Recipes and for the most searched for diet on the web – The Paleo Diet !

Eating healthy low fat food is not about cutting out everything that you love to eat, in fact it’s very easy. Far from being boring and tasteless low fat cooking done the right way is tasty and satisfying. Here you’ll learn about calories, what they are, what they do for you and how to use them to lose weight. discover some fantastic low fat recipes that will help you to lose weight and shed fat.

You can also learn about the most searched for diet of 2013 – The Paleo Diet. The rapid growth in popularity of the diet we advocate here on Easy Low Fat Recipes shows no sign of slowing down, and is predicted by Google trends to be one of the most popular diets in 2014 too. Celebrities, models, athletes and personal trainers are turning to the Paleo diet to get them in shape and healthy…And why?

Because this is the diet you SHOULD eat to be in great shape, lose weight easily and have loads of energy. The Paleolithic or caveman Diet is the diet provided by mother nature. It’s tasty, nutritious and above all healthy. A Paleo diet is easy to follow, you’ll eat natural, non-toxic food that you can always rely on for your health and well being.

Discover what the Paleo diet is and why you should make the change to the diet we are designed to eat.Inside you’ll also find some excellent Paleo breakfast ideas, Paleo lunch ideas, Paleo dinner and Paleo dessert ideas. And if you’re prone to snacking we’ve got some great Paleo snack ideas here too. Our blog features our fantastic Paleo diet grocery list so if you’re stuck on what you need to go Paleo we’ve got you covered there too.

Quick and Easy Low Fat Meals

If you’re into a lowfat diet, we’ll show you how to prepare a simple, yet satisfying healthy meal. We insist that you don’t starve yourself slim. Our low fat breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas will help you have a strong and healthy body without depriving yourself of the foods you love.

EasyLowFatRecipes.com is a growing resource so if you’re looking to lose weight, get in shape and healthy, you are in the right place… Read on.


Counting calories is easy when you know how. The information on our calories pages tells you what happens to the calories you eat and how to calculate the calories you need to achieve the weight you want.

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A Paleo diet is tasty, natural and filling. You don’t need to starve yourself to reach the weight you want, on our paleo diet pages you’ll find fantastic recipes to help you lose weight the healthy way.

Paleo Diet Explained       


We only recommend the best Low Fat recipes from around the web for visitors to our website. We offer recipe ideas for the leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier body you deserve.

Easy Low Fat Recipes   

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