Paleo Diet Explained

The Paleo diet explained.

“A Paleo diet is the original diet.”

It’s also known as the cave man (or cave woman) diet because it was the food stuff that our paleolithic ancestors ate. Back then there was no fast food, so if you weren’t fast enough to catch it or gather it you couldn’t eat it.

Our ancestors where fit, strong and lean, they needed to be to catch the food that was available then and it was the food they ate that made them that way.

They didn’t suffer from our modern illnesses like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases or cancer, they lived very natural lives, with a very natural healthy diet.

Why you should eat a Paleo diet

Here are just some benefits of the Paleolithic diet and a Paleo lifestyle

  • It burns off stored fat.
  • It reduces allergies.
  • Has a natural anti-inflammatory effect.
  • It stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Balances energy levels throughout the day.
  • It helps you to sleep better.
  • It helps to clear your skin.
  • Makes your exercise workouts much more efficient.

And the list goes on…

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A Paleo diet is natural and unprocessed, it is generally low in carbohydrates, low in trans fats and steers our bodies back towards what it is genetically designed to benefit from.

It is high in lean protein to help promote muscle growth and strength, high in fibre providing a healthy digestive system and high in the good fats like Omega-3.

The Paleo diet is easy to follow, will help you to lose weight and one that you can follow for life. Watch the “Paleo diet explained” video below for more information.


The Paleo Recipe Book

Many people think that you have to starve yourself to get slim and to lose weight, but this simply isn’t true.

When you’re on a Paleo diet UK  you’ll be eating foods that are filling and rich in nutrients, in fact you’ll find it hard to be hungry.

On a Paleo diet you can eat yourself slim.

Most nutrition experts who specialize in the the health and fitness industry are not really advocates of a very low calorie diet, simply because when you’re trying to get fit and to lose weight you need calories to help your body to repair itself and to adjust to the training programme that you’re doing.

They will tell you that if you are working out consistently, then a very low calorie diet as absolutely not what you want to be on.

What you do need is nutrient rich, non processed, natural foods to give your body what it needs to cope with the demands you place on it by exercising.

So as long as the calories are from good nutritious foods, you’ll find that you can actually eat more, completely dispelling the myth that you have to starve to lose weight.

Quite often they’ll tell you that you need to eat every few hours to boost your metabolism and to keep your body burning calories all day long.

Eating Paleo foods is the ideal way to get your calorie burning day off with a bang and it all starts with breakfast.